Attention as a Commodity

The rise of the Internet has not only expanded basic business operations but has also created new business opportunities like affiliate marketing. Business today can access new market fragments and niches with ease, with the only requirements being a desktop or laptop and internet connectivity. When affiliate marketing was first launched in the mid-1990s, no one could have imagined how it would become the promise or hope of the online marketing in the present day. Thousands of online sellers are today building amazing selling machines using different affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon, and leveraging millions of buyers from all over the world. However, buyers can easily find themselves potential prey for scammers and frauds. Loss of privacy, malvertisements, and data charges downloading those ads on mobile devices push the users to employ ad-blocking software.  The user’s attention becomes harder to get for both publishers and advertisers.  Attention is becoming a commodity.

Basic Attention Token

So what is the Basic Attention Token(BAT)? In a layman’s language, the BAT is an exchange unit between advertisers, publishers, and users, that trades on a blockchain.  Its first implementation will be in the Brave browser.

The Brave browser is “privacy-focused browser that blocks third party ads and trackers, and builds in a ledger system that measures user attention to reward the publisher accordingly”.  Tokens for user application will include comment ranking, micropayments, payments for higher quality content etc.

Zero Knowledge Proof  is a protocol in cryptography in “which one party (the prover) can prove to another party (the verifier) that a given statement is true, without conveying any information apart from the fact that the statement is indeed true”. ZCash is a cryptocurrency that uses Zero Knowledge Proofs to protect the privacy of transactions. The Brave browser will also support the notion of privacy in transactions by allowing anonymous payments to publishers using Zero Knowledge Proofs.

Both the brave browser and the BAT token are described in detail in the white paper.

It is becoming increasingly hard to believe any software and services privacy policies used on the internet.  One critical advantage that the Brave browser has over other browsers is that it is a purely open source centered browser that blocks trackers, and malvertisments.  Malvertisments are fake ads that lure users into clicking on them and later downloading malicious code that is used to steal information. It also captures user attention to give accurate information to the publisher with the help of its ledger system.

Brendan Eich

Affiliate fraud is big, and so it is crucial to prevent it. So who is providing a solution to combat this fraud? Brendan Eich is an American technology expert as well as a creator of JavaScript programming language. Born on July 4th, 1961, Eich has served as a co-founder and the former CEO of Mozilla Firefox. Today he is the CEO of Brave Software, an Internet security company. In January 2016, the company released Brave web browser. The open source browser blocks trackers, ads and also has micropayments systems that allow users choose before seeing specific ads or reimbursing sites not to show them.

How the BAT Can change Affiliate Marketing

The Brave internet browser is taking a big step to changing how people across the globe use the internet by creating the new digital token. This will ensure that browsing is more secure and faster as well as integrating cryptocurrency’s peer to peer value exchange to numerous users and wallets. Based on the ethereum technology, the latest digital token has various benefits to users, publishers, and advertisers.

The fact that the BAT is integrated with block-chain technology, guarantees fairness, privacy, and anonymity.  In addition, the BAT offers smart and experienced support from a market leader.

Users have the option to receive advertising, and in case they receive, their attention as anonymous users is privately monitored (without tracking) in the Brave browser. Online publishers, on the other hand, will receive rewards in BATs. Here these are exchange tokens in a safe advertising system built on the browser as well mobile app web view.

The ability to monitor privately and anonymously will enable rich metrics development. One will be able to tell if an impression was made or not to the active tab and the time of user involvement. Normally, attention is determined by content and ads that are an in-active tab in real time. Ad attention value is then calculated founded on increased viewed time and pixel in proportion to content prior any involvement with the ad.

Another amazing advantage is the fact that users have a chance to take part. The token keeps data on the device, encrypts the information and protects the real identities of the users. The Brave browser will contain “opt-in and transparent machine learning algorithms for assessing user interests” in a way that no middleman or a third party with cookies can track. External models are unable to extract transactions for products regularly purchased. This is a core principle that will create a strong bond between BAT and its users.

Understanding Ethereum

As earlier mentioned, the BAT is based on the ethereum which is an open source blockchain technology, that supports the notion of smart contracts. Basically, it is a virtual machine that enables end consumers to automate transactions on the trusted blockchain removing intermediaries or “friction” in payments. Stored in the ethereum blockchain, smart contracts are secure.

Ethereum has been used previously for mobile payment structures, crowd funding, legal document enforcement, fiat currencies, micropayment systems for dispatching computing resources and distributed exchanges.

Micropayments made using the BAT will be achieved for the initial deployment using the Brave Micropayments Ledger. It is worth noting every view made will be verified using the Basic Attention Metric (BAM). See the whitepaper for the roll out schedule.

Suits Everyone; Value Proposition

Digital advertising today is broken. The online advertising marketplace was once predominated by publishers, advertisers and users have now become swarmed by middlemen, ad exchanges, complicated audience segmentation, and cloudy cross-party sharing through data management.


Users have their privacy violated not mentioning going through abuse. This kind of mobile advertising causes several disadvantages. It is estimated that a large percentage of a user’s mobile data goes to ads (monthly data charges of about $23), slow page loads and reduced battery life.

Publishers are also victims

According to statistics, traditional publishers have also lost about 66% of their earnings.

Google and social media platforms like Facebook take a big share of advertising cost. About 73% of total online revenue. Many publishers think traffic driven by the social media is helpful. But the truth is that increased consumer attention brought by Google or Facebook is of lower value compared to direct links.

It has also become difficult for publishers to monetize value-added services.

Inflation is also hurting them.

Marketers are also hurting

Advertisers have also experienced serious and fatal challenges. They have become opaque, and their effectiveness is reduced since they can’t tell what they are paying for. This is because a lot of analytics are given by the platform owners. Out of frustrations, many advertisers depend on third party analytics while some have stopped depending on traffic generated from walled gardens.

They have also suffered from:

  • Poor targeting hence users ignore the ads
  • Advertisers are often conned by counterfeit websites and scammers

Call for Action

Although present market trends are heading towards a system where gatekeeper companies (social media companies) control the online marketing budget, user attention is key. But the reality is that it has not been taken seriously. It should be priced with efficient and transparent market structures. Ultimately the publisher will give quality information to the user.

The first step of correcting digital advertisement was the rolling-out of the new Brave browser. The next phase will involve the establishment of the BAT, a decentralized ad exchange token. Some tokens will be distributed to loyal Brave browser users as a way of incentivizing them to be part of the new system.  These tokens can be used for regular or premium content, or they can be given back to their preferred publishers.

The BAT serves everyone in this unique model. This is because there is an anonymity shield for all users, hence increased revenues and benefits and decreased inefficiencies.

For instance, an online user gets advanced security when becoming known to an advert. The ads come via the BAT tokens exchange and are very relevant and have improved performance. Online advertisers receive more direct ads, achieve better ROI, higher pay and little fraud in the system. While publishers delight in very cheap customer attention, great attribution and less fraud.

So who gets what? Publishers receive the biggest share. Users also make a contribution to the publishers hence increasing their revenue. Much of BAT token deploying infrastructure on the back end is code complete. 

Token Packages for a User

Gone are the days when users were treated like passive participants. End users using the BAT will be given advertising spend. These tokens can be donated to any preferred providers or publishers, and they are use cases for advertising.

Start-ups with simple requirements can use the token in their day browsing activities. Users are encouraged to make use of the personal ads targeting their business.

Some publishers may opt to have premium content that will only be available to subscribers. New revenue for premium providers will also unlock since subscription models are not commonly used by users. Quality content like video or audio will also be given to users for a transaction. Comments will also by ranked using the token. Comments votes using the BAT token are meant to improve your credibility.

Attribution with Less Friction

Attribution in marketing is a mechanism that allows marketing agencies and advertisers know all important aspects within a consumers’ path to conversion and how they relate. The main goal is to make sure budgets are well invested to generate profits. From an affiliate marketing perspective, advertisers gain insights of how various affiliates are invested. There are many attribution models, but the most common are single click attribution and multi-attribution. A single click is mainly used by advertisers while multi-attribution attributes sales to different points within the transaction.

There are a couple of limitations that come with attribution modeling. The fact that attribution is put into consideration across all channels, and there is no free and key element to affiliate marketing. Different channels are paid differently.

Multi-attribution approach which is transparent to it members is overwhelming to roll out and needs manual implementation. Additionally, it is hard to perform some promotional functions like reward sites, loyalty and cash back.

By design, the Brave browser and BAT tokens will greatly improve efficiencies in attribution.

What amounts should be raised; Basic Attention Token Crowdsale

Brave software targets to raise up to $15 million with a cap of one billion tokens. The funds raised during the crowd sale will be used to develop and grow the BAT ecosystem. BAT also welcomes other developers to makes their apps in the ecosystem. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of how the money raised at the crowd sale will be spent.

58% of the budget will go the BAT team which includes more than 20 engineers

Administration 10%

Marketing 12% of the budget; marketing will create awareness and the adaptation the among users, publishers and advertisers.

Contractors will get 13% of budget

A contingency of 7%

When does Crowdsale take place and what crypto-currencies are acceptable? All this information will be communicated soon and posted on the official Basic Attention Token website.

Is Basic Attention Token Transferable?

Token are transferable once they are released to the participants available in the launch. Those used in the browser can only be donated or used to pay for publisher’s premium content, and or promotions. 

The token transfer and verification process will be carefully done with user privacy in mind using the Zero Knowledge Proof protocol.

For more details regarding the BAT Crowdsale click here.

Affiliate Marketing and Fraud

Giving affiliate marketing a chance is the best way of making money in the comfort of your home. But how do you determine business scammers? Here are a few signs you need to watch for.

Amazing disgraceful offers

You cannot make millions of money instantly without any work experience or a breaking a sweat. Successful online operation call for exposure and hard-work before you get results.

Offer limitations

Most potential scams will pressure you to purchase their products because of limited availability and time. Be on the look out of things that don’t give you time to do your research.

Unreliable testimonials

Satisfied customers will always give product testimonials on the company’s website. So always confirm whether the given website URL does exist and the terms offered.

Certainly, there are many signs and ways to tell whether you are about to become a fraud victim. But an essential thing is to be keen or lose your hard-earned money in a jiffy.

The BAT is a comprehensive affiliate fraud tool, and many online sellers will live to appreciate the blockchain technology. With this shift towards more private and secure browsing, great solutions to ads that deprive marketers their returns is expected.

E-bikes: What you need to know, battery care and recharging information.

Cycling; isn’t it a thrill? The feeling of the wind in your hair and the sun on your face as you cruise in the outdoors. The feeling of seeing the world moving on past you in a fast yet not so fast manner as with cars. The awesome knowledge that you are having fun and at the same time keeping your body fit. The flexibility of exploring different terrains. And of course, there’s the complete freedom of knowing that you do not need a license or a vehicle tax to do all this!

However, cycling on a regular bike alone can become tiresome and eventually boring especially if you tread long distances or frequent upward slopes. There are times that you would want to go farther than the normal distance. You would like to see the next park and have the energy to cycle back. Sometimes you limit yourself because you are afraid of losing the energy. It is times such as this that you wish you had a little “assistance”. A robot perhaps? It is for moments like this that the electric bike (E-bike) was invented.

What are electric bikes?

An electric bike is like a regular bicycle – only better, as it comes with an electric motor. They have been designed to incorporate the help or assistance of an electric motor while still keeping the usual pedals and bicycle transmission. They allow the cyclist to pedal normally and at the same time get assistance in increasing speed. Therefore, one does not need to worry about not getting the exercise they want. They do not completely take over the role of propulsion but merely assist you to go farther, faster, without getting too tired or sweaty.

These bikes have existed since as early as the 1890s but it is not until the late 90s that they gained popularity and their design became more modernized.

Types of e-bikes

Generally, e-bikes are classified according to how the motor assists the rider (i.e. through a pedal-assist or a power-on-demand method).

With the former, the electric motor is regulated by pedaling. The pedal-assist augments the rider’s pedaling efforts. This means that if you want more help you have to put in more effort. These pedelecs (pedal electric cycles), as they are called, have a sensor to detect the pedaling speed and/or force. Brake activation is sensed to disable the motor as well.

The power-on-demand is activated by a throttle, usually mounted on the handle bar. This design is more powerful compared to the pedelecs and the more powerful ones are classified as mopeds or motorcycles.

The Motor

The motor is one the most efficient parts of an electric bike. It assists the rider as he or she pedals or not since it is fully powered to ride across snow and muddy areas thus being unusually comfortable. The motor has two main features that assists it during motion hence dubbed, throttle and pedal assist. There are two main types of an electric bike’s motor: the hub motor, and the md-drive motor.

Hub Motors

Hub motors are usually mounted inside of the wheel hub and can either be direct drive or geared. Each of these has its own enhanced features that allow to work efficiently in the electric bike. The geared motor allows for more torque (moment of force), to enhance motion of the electric bike, while direct drive gives more speed for movement. These hub motors can be fitted in both of the wheel hubs hence creating an all-wheel drive bike. The front wheel traction of an electric bike is usually very helpful over muddy and snowy areas. For instance, The Kraven AWD 12,000w and The BIGFOOT are some of the high electric all-wheel drive fat bikes.

Mid-drive Motors

The Mid-drive motors are mounted on the crank which is the bottom of the bike frame thus they power the bike through the drivetrain. Riders have the ability to ride up long steep inclines as the lower gears of the bike’s gearing can be used. This is all enabled when the electric bike is fitted with the mid-drive motor. This process can also be done on flat surfaces since the higher gears can be used to drive more speed. The motor is mounted on the crank giving it a low center of gravity hence enhancing more stability of the electric bike when riding. A battery is fitted in the frame thus the center of weight is well distributed improving the bike’s handling and making it easier for lifting and carrying.

For more on hub and mid-drive motors see “The Difference Between Hub and Mid-drive Motors on Electric Bikes“.

Why go E?

For the non-cyclist, going E seems to be a long shot considering the cost and the notion that you can just have a regular bicycle instead. Well, the electric bike offers all the advantages of a regular bicycle along with extras.

You can get fit and at the same time improve your well-being. It saves money that would otherwise be spent on other forms of transport and their maintenance factors. It saves you the time that would otherwise be spent looking for parking spots. And on top of that, it is fun.

All these advantages can be garnered from a regular bicycle. What a regular bicycle does not offer is the ability to go farther, faster and fresher. This ability is offered by vehicles. Vehicles, however, do not offer the environment much as they pollute it with their exhaust gases and congestion. E-bikes on the other hand are very environmental friendly as they run on batteries.


Yes, E-bikes are equipped with batteries that power the motor up. The type of battery used on an e-bike varies from bike to bike. The power stored in a battery is measured in Watt hours (Wh) universally though some models use Ampere hours (Ah). The latter are based on the concept that the voltage for most batteries is constant or within a constant range while the latter relieve you the pressure of calculating output.

There are different types of batteries and they are mainly classified by their metal composition (commonly referred to as metallurgy). Before diving into the different metallurgies, let us have a look at some of the basic technical terms used:

Watt Hours/ Amp Hours – This describes the energy storage capacity of a cell/battery.

Voltage – Describes the potential of the current supplied by a cell/battery.

Battery Management System – A microchip controlled device that regulates the battery’s operational parameters. It prevents overcharge and over discharge by limiting the battery or completely shutting it down. It also prevents short circuits and temperature events. The BMS also improves battery life and performance and provides useful information that can be used to determine battery health, state of charge, and more.

Cycle life – Refers to how many times a battery can be charged and discharged before suffering significant degradation of performance. A deep cycle involves discharging the battery all the way to the safe limit and then recharging it to full capacity while a shallow cycle involves discharging a battery only a little and then recharging it fully. Nominal cycle life is based on deep cycles.

Max current/ C rate – How fast energy can be discharged from the battery.

Recharge rate – How quickly energy can be returned to the battery.

Nominal Voltage – The voltage that a cell should create. It is unique to the metallurgy.

Battery voltage – Current supplied by a collection of cells.

Battery types

It is important to note the type of battery that you are using on your bike so as to know the measures to take to make sure it serves its purpose for you. There are mainly four types of batteries:

Lead Acid batteries are the most popular. They are the ones that are similar to the car batteries. Are fairly inexpensive and rarely have issues with fire or explosion.

Cycle life can vary widely but the general expected rate is 300 cycles. They do not need a BMS.

One major weakness is their weight. They have less energy storage for their weight and volume than other metallurgies. Operate in low range of temperatures too. They self-discharge and require frequent recharging even when not in use (around every 3 months).

Nickel Cadmium (Ni Cad). These type of batteries are not widely used as cadmium is highly toxic.
Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH). Better performance than the first two but not as good as lithium. Much lighter and has high discharge and recharge rates. Durable with cycle of above 500.
Lithium ion batteries. Better than the rest, hands down!

Make sure that you read the user manual on care and maintenance of your e-bike battery to prevent fires, explosions and degradation of the life cycle. Batteries can be quite expensive to acquire and thus require careful maintenance.

Also to be noted is that batteries need to be reliable, store a useful amount of energy and not weigh so much that they cancel out the motor’s benefit.
Some practical tips for battery care

These tips apply generally for all battery types.

1. Read the owner’s manual that often come with your bike. If you have any doubt, you can call the company or dealer and consult them. Read the hazard stickers and be cautious.
2. Only use the battery charger that came with your e-bike to recharge your battery.
3. I insist! Only use the charger that came with the bike to recharge your battery. If it gets damaged, get an original copy of the same one from your bike dealer or manufacturing company.
4. Check that the charger provided was the correct charger type. Such information can be found online in the manufacturer’s site.
5. Store the batteries, charger and the bike in a dry place, out of the harsh or wet weather. Only operate the charger in a dry place.
6. When charging place the battery and charger in a spot where no accident, such as a hot charger, or even a (very, very rare) fire would not affect or damage property, or hurt people.
7. Be alert on the location of your extinguisher in case of battery fires.


Just like the battery on most electric devices (Phones, laptops), the e-bike battery requires to be recharged from time to time. There are a couple of methods employed in recharging e-bikes ranging from plugging the battery (or the bike) to a socket to solar charging and even self-recharge as you ride (Neat, right?)

Recharging is an easy thing to do but requires caution. As stated above in the tips for battery care, wrong charging can lead to malfunctioning of the battery. Here is a look into the methods of recharging.

Charging from a wall outlet via a charger

This is the conventional way of recharging the batteries on an e-bike. Most e-bikes are equipped with a charging port and when bought have chargers as an accessory. The chargers are specific and output a given amount of power to the battery. The charger itself also has its own specifications about the amount of power it should receive. Always note this when charging your bike to avoid any undue damages.

If you reside in an apartment you would have problems in charging your bike as it cannot be carried up to higher floors, and cannot be left out to charge in the open due to theft risks. It is advisable to locate a charging station nearby that you can take your bike to charge at. Alternatively, there are batteries that can be unmounted so you can use a spare one as the other one charges or recharge it overnight.

It is best to charge your e-bike after every use to maximize the range available each time the bike is taken out. This also reduces the chance that you will run out of charge before you reach your destination. However, in places with irregular electricity supply, emergency charging may become problematic. Remember to note that for lead acid batteries, it is not good practice to charge them only when they are sufficiently drained.

The duration of charging should depend on how much charge has been drained during use according the manufacturer’s guidance. This depends on the bike and brand. Averagely, this is 4-6 hours.

The charger has a built-in cut-off. This means that it stops charging when it senses that batteries are fully charged. It is however advised not to depend on this in built system as it can fail. If, for example, you decide to leave the charger overnight and the system fails, the batteries become overcharged. This leads to damage of the batteries hence reduces the distance that the batteries can cover.

Solar charging (Solarbike)

This is a fairly new concept in the market. The solar cells charge the battery when it is parked in the sun and discharge when the bike is running. The bike is thus not actually driven by the solar cells although this was the first idea of a solar powered bike.

This design has been adapted by LEAOS to enable the bike to also charge while it is in use. The solar charging is not only with direct sunlight but also with passive light.

Solar charging concept can also be used with other conventional power sources albeit being self-sufficient. If the solar power is not enough to fully charge the battery, you can easily connect it to another power source.

Some companies offer roll-up solar panels from 25-75 watts of output. Three of those solar panels in series will provide the now common 36 volts used in most electric bicycles. This could recharge your bike while you’re at work conveniently. The non-roll-up panels are more efficient but are not that easily transported and might require to be installed at convenient places.

The size of the panels is dependent on the amount of time you have available and the size of the batteries you need to charge. Common practice is to use larger-than-needed batteries for one trip as it allows you time to ride on some of the previous day’s sunlight should the sun fail to come out. The solar charged electric bike might be one of the small answers to our current energy problem. This method however, adds weight to the bike and reduces the overall efficiency of the motors.


This is definitely a concept that most people find alluring. A bike that recharges itself! Dreams of infinite battery life are all but too good to be true. Thanks to regenerative braking, this dream can come alive.

A regenerative brake is an energy recovery mechanism that slows a vehicle by converting its kinetic energy into a form which can either be used immediately or stored until needed. This is in contrast to conventional braking systems where the excess kinetic energy is converted to unwanted and wasted heat by friction in the brakes.

This concept, when applied to e-bikes, makes the electric motors function as generators. They convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy that is then stored in the batteries. This occurs mostly when going downhill and is not so efficient in the bikes because this means you have to go a long stretch of downslope to recharge. Where can you find an endless stretch of downhill path?

Sadly, you also have to pedal in order to recharge and so it is more of an exercise than an efficient way to recharge your batteries. You can own a bike that recharges itself with little help from you if you are into a good workout. Though this isn’t the intended purpose of an electric bike.

How long does each charge last?

This is dependent on the metallurgy and also on the method used to charge. Different bikes also have varying ranges per charge. The distance covered by one charge depends on factors such as: number and steepness of hills, degree of headwinds, how well the wheels are inflated, and the total weight of the bike (including yours), the air temperature, and how much you depend on the motor.

The speeds achieved by an electronic bike are totally up to the rider though most support a maximum of 20 mph. Also, there are regulations on speed limit and these should be noted.


Money matters. It does, and if you are looking to find value for your money then you should note that quality comes at a price. When choosing an e-bike, it is important to note factors such as the range of charge and the method used to charge according to what you want to use it for.

If your sole purpose is to commute from home to work and do not want to get there all sweaty, then you should consider a bike with a long range of charge. On the other hand, if you are looking to exercise, the average e-bike can work for you.

Bug Out Bike

A bug out for electric bikes is optional for different groups of people hence a favorable starting point would be a utility bike that can be modified to one’s application and certain situations and the added power of the motor being a bonus. It does not take too much of the space on the e-bike hence should be convenient for carrying food, water, some extra clothes like sweaters and coats.  Additionally, it can be used in case roads get cut off for some reason, like natural disaster, civil unrest and many other unpleasant situations.

Electric fat bikes feature intelligent power controls in premium hunting bikes enabling whisper-quiet rides into the woods for game hunting. It is easy to navigate completely undetected as the e-bikes move with top speeds of up to 20mph. If there is need to bug out of the woods in a completely concealed way, the bike’s Lithium power pack keeps you going for an impressive 20 miles, 19 of which the rider does not need to pedal at all (The levels of pedal assistance range anywhere from 5 to 9 levels in most models).

NB: To fully charge the battery and experience the feeling of climbing, plug it in for 6 hours or less to enhance efficiency of the e-bikes.

These electric bikes can also be used as backup transportation for disabled persons. Disability that affects walking (knee amputee), may be tedious as getting to some places without transportation may be a nightmare resulting to getting stuck thus getting around on all kinds of terrain will require an electric bike. During civil unrest situations, a vehicle is not the wisest choice as everyone else would be getting in their cars too hence causing massive roadblocks. Thus, packing all the food, water and clothing needed in quality saddle bags mounted on the electric bike can be the most convenient way since it is easy to access back roads quietly to get to one’s bug out site.

A bug out location, for instance, a bus station, is a convenient place to scoot away from all the mayhem and unrest. In addition, it’s best to plan ahead and anticipate such SHTF scenarios judging by the turbulent political times we live in. While most of the bike repairs can be done at home, the electric motor in these set of stealth bikes requires absolutely no maintenance. The electric motors have an average of 350 watts nominal output, generating up to 60Nm of torque (moment of force). Pedaling faster than 20mph or 32kph results to stopping of the electric assist. Most of the bikes are made up of aluminum hence making them light even with all the gear.  For more on bug out bikes see the “The Bug Out Bike.

The Digital Display Head

The fat bike measures multiple parameters during the navigation thus being electric. The display head is mounted on the bike’s head hence the hand never has to leave the bar grip. The digital display head has several features such as; the odometer, maximum speed, average speed and the remaining range; to avoid instances such as running out of battery by getting a fair warning. Most of the consoles have USB ports through which the electric bike’s computer or phone can be charged.

MOAR bikes have designed a folding full-size fat electric bike with a full suspension and long lasting battery hence enhancing ease for carrying and storing.

In a nut shell, the bug out is just another tool on the electric bike that enables avoiding getting caught up in a sticky situation. It is advisable to choose wisely, depending on how far an individual wants to bug out, when to pedal and expand energy, and when to just engage the electric bike thus ensuring saving of a favorable amount of energy for the electric bike to get to safe destinations quickly and stealthily.

Generally, the benefits of the e-bike far outweigh the costs. Put into consideration how much you could spend in maintaining a car and also the effects on the environment. Just remember to keep your bike in good shape and the batteries handled carefully.

The Difference Between Hub and Mid-drive Motors on Electric Bikes

Since the inception of electric bicycles in late 1800, innovations have greatly changed its look and performance. Today’s electric bicycle is more efficient, powerful and increasingly becoming green. Such innovations and improvements in electric bikes have heavily influenced people’s preferences. People tend to make choices based on aesthetic, function, efficiency, power or comfort. In equal measure, manufacturers are making varieties from elegant folding for convenience to fat bikes for elegance.

Despite the array of models, the decision on what type of motor has an effect on how you want to use your bike. It is important to note that energy or Continue reading