About Us

Sparkin Traveler explores the electric propulsion technology used to power various forms of transportation as well as the cryptocurrencies that can be used to finance them globally.  These alternative forms of transportation can provide quiet, stealthy, yet clean alternatives for commuting.  These forms of transportation can also promote a healthier immediate environment and lifestyle.  

Innovation in this space is fast, and the Sparkin Traveler intends to explore the options available on the market.  Perhaps some of these options can be of use to you.

Navigating the world of electric powered vehicles can be daunting.  Questions about safety, costs, personal fitness, and cleanliness abound.

Navigating the world of crypto-finance can also be intimidating.  New coins are always available.  Smart contracts and DAPPs running on a global blockchain is a new concept.  How can it be applied to travel?

Electric vehicles have been around for over one hundred years.  In 1900 Ferdinand Porsche unveiled the Lohner Porsche, an all wheel drive electric car. Shortly after Porsche envisioned a hybrid petrol-electric concept car, the Semper Vivus.  

Hybrid technologies using regenerative brakes and batteries to store energy are used in locomotives and cars such as the Toyota Prius.   GE’s Evolution Locomotive claims to be able to haul a ton a freight nearly 500 miles on a single gallon of fuel.

Range anxiety, that is, the worry when driving an affordable electric vehicle with a range of 80 to 100 miles, knowing that it will take hours to refuel, is still common with electric vehicles.  Batteries for these vehicles are improving every year.

For the tinkerer perhaps buying a conversion kit and applying to something like a bicycle to experiment is of interest.  Or maybe building a cryptocurrency mining rig and mining coins is the goal. These subjects are explored.

Battery costs are plunging as technology improves.  Lithium-Ion batteries are a game changer and can be used in various vehicles,  now capable of powering sports cars or ATVs.  High-end sports cars such as the McLaren P1 make use of Lithium-Ion battery packs.

Comparing direct horsepower between electrical and petroleum engines can be difficult.  The propulsion systems are different.  Electrochemical reactions are used to convert chemical energy into electrical energy that is sent to electromagnets.  These magnets produce a strong magnetic field used to rotate a shaft.   

Seeking to understand this brave new electric world is the purpose of the Sparkin Traveler.